If you like a good story, we’d probably be good friends.

I’ve always just been here for the stories. Hearing them, telling them, living them. You can read more about that here.


Where it began. I post here occasionally (rarely these days, honestly). But mostly these days this is a time capsule of what God did in my heart while I was living overseas and then grappling with coming back to America.

In 2016, the blog became a book about how living with Jesus as the treasure has been so much better than the life I always thought I wanted and needed. (And then, as unexpectedly as the first, another book after that.) 

Back in the U.S., on long roadtrips I found a new love — serial-style storytelling podcasts. That’s how this was born. It shares stories of God doing amazing things in the lives of ordinary people — the kind of stories that changed me and thought they might do the same for you.