After eight fantastic days of trains, chocolate pastries and crazy rain, I put my parents and nephew back on the plane yesterday headed back to the States.

We had a great time. A few favorite moments …

1. Normandy.

We took a tour of Normandy and ended up on Omaha Beach. It’s strikingly beautiful … and hauntingly quiet. Few people, or even sea gulls, go there.

I’d never heard my dad talk about it before, but apparently one of my favorite uncles was part of the D-Day landing but didn’t start telling stories about it until near his death a couple of years ago. I wish I’d gotten to chat with him about it as an adult … I would’ve loved to hear his stories.

We were best friends when I was a kid … he would walk with me to the bridge to throw rocks in the creek. This time, Mom picked up a few rocks for him at Omaha to take back to his sons.

2. London and all its goodness … and all its rain.

Cheeky, cheeky rain. It happened every time we were outside and went away every time we went indoors. Apparently, after a long drought, we got a month’s worth of rain the week they were here.

But Mom and Dad were prepared with matching ponchos, and I consoled myself with the most amazing tourist food find ever.

3. Paris and a golden anniversary.

This year is my parents’ 50th anniversary, and what a blessing to be able to be with them in Europe … even just to get to see them at all! They’re wonderful. We had a blast.

My house is now sadly empty and quiet … but I feel so blessed. I love my family. And there’s still evidence of their visit that makes me smile … like the Kroger sack lining my rubbish bin, the giant chocolate bunny in my cabinet and the rock from the white cliffs that I found under Dad’s bed.

Love y’all. Thanks for coming. See you soon.

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  1. the picture of your parents holding hands at the tower made me cry. lol. love this post. lovely!

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