If you look at Cuba from the outside, you can hardly see the church.

David Platt went looking for it.

“I met a guy who had a house church, and that church had planted 60 other churches,” he said. And some of those churches had planted dozens of other churches themselves.

They don’t have buildings. They meet in houses. And the multiplication is insane.

David asked them how they do it, and they said simply, “We make disciples.”

“Oh,” he said with a smile. “That’s all.”

The more we complicate the system with programs and buildings, “the more we stifle church multiplication,” David said. “The Word of God and the Spirit of God – that’s all you need.”

This is the story in Cuba. It’s the story in China. It’s the story in India.

“Don’t we want it to be the story where we live?” David said.

It isn’t for pastors or church planters, he says. It’s for every follower of Christ. It’s biblical Christianity.

Let’s be real – it’s not easy. How do we take our jobs as writers, teachers, sandwich makers, accountants, moms and lawyers and make disciples where we are?

Look for the people beside you, David says. Share Christ with them. Let them into your life and see how you live. Pray and show them how you pray. Read the Bible and invite them to do it with you.

And don’t extract them from their old circles of people.

“Teach them to live the way you live among the people they know, and it will multiply,” David says. “We can shake the nations for his glory. Let’s do it knowing that it is costly but He is worth it.”


Want some practical help to make disciples among the people in your life?

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  1. Thank you for sharing your walk with god with us. Can across your blog through a friend and have felt so encouraged by your word.

  2. Out all that God has laid on my heart as I’ve delved more and more into the disciple making calling myself the one thing that I feel He has focused me on the most is learning to truly love those around me. I feel that those who experience a love like they have never known will want to learn more about where it comes from and how to share it themselves.

    1. So true. I was thinking recently how so often the church tries to compete with the world in terms of shows, media, bright lights… when really we should focus on what we “do” that the world doesn’t do… love sacrificially in a way that is empowered by the Holy Spirit! That will make us stand out.

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