It’s too big.


Some days I actually feel like my heart might explode.

He LOVES us.

LOVES. us.

It’s like I can’t sing loud enough, stick my hands in the air high enough, say it well enough. It makes me slam my palms into the ceiling of the car. It makes me nearly crush that teeny tiny communion cup in my hand. It makes my voice crack like a 12-year-old boy.

I want to dance in the street like King David. I want to grab the people in the mountains trapped in idolatry by both shoulders and tell them how loved they are.

Please, stop. Just stop. Stop what you’re doing – it’s worthless, worthless rags – and love Him back.


I want to shake myself – upset over a frozen computer or a traffic jam, or wasting hours in bed when Jesus is asking me to watch and pray – and say stop what you’re doing – it’s worthless, worthless rags – and love Him back.

He loves us. It’s too big. We can never risk too much, go too far, give away too much of ourselves.

My heart will sing no other name.


24 thoughts on “It’s too big.

  1. Reblogged this on aolsen121 and commented:
    The God of the whole universe loves ME??? Sometimes I wonder how that’s even possible! Why would he come and die for me? Even more than that He loves all of us with an unending perfect love. WOW. Mind blown. Why wouldn’t we love Him back and why wouldn’t we want to share this with everybody we come across?

  2. oh my heavens. found your blog this morning via a couple friends who reposted your snippet on not waiting anymore – girl, you are fantastic. what an encouragement you are!! so glad to have found your blog. will be back!! :)

  3. Such exuberant joy. Yet another post of yours which makes me want to point at the screen and go ‘That! That’s what I mean/how I feel.’ Only expressed much better than I can manage. Keep it up

  4. I had a friend send me a private message on facebook linking me to your blog and telling me that you and I have so much in common………..she was right!! Encouraging to know that God is doing the same thing in others that He is doing in your own heart!!! ~ Arlene
    Passionately loving my God Who passionately loved me first!!

  5. This is so beautiful and beautifully written.
    “We can never risk too much, go too far, give away too much of ourselves.”

    Wow, what an amazing love

  6. That reminds me of one of Clare’s favourite songs – “How He Loves Us”

    Thank you Grace

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