Ready or not. (The year of the book.)


I feel like this year sneaked up on me.

I wasn’t ready.

But it’s here. And I’m taking a deep breath and embracing it.

i dont wait anymoreAnd this year, whether I’m ready or not, there’s a book coming out that tells the story about how God became the biggest thing in my life, the thing that overshadowed everything else until the dreams I’d had for myself faded away.

It’s called I Don’t Wait Anymore: Letting Go of Expectations and Grasping God’s Adventure for You. It was birthed out of a blog from a few years back when God was cementing in my heart the fact that He’s enough, the fact that He’s better than any dream I ever had for myself.

It’s deeply personal. I’m a little nervous about that.

But it’s a story that’s not just mine.

So I’d love it if you’d come along, if you’re up for it. You can find it here at a number of bookstores. It’s not out yet, but the pre-order links are live.

Ready or not … here we go, guys. A new year. A new adventure.

Happy 2016.


44 Comments on “Ready or not. (The year of the book.)

  1. Hey girl, the links on the page about your book are no longer working. They’ve all been changed to the same link and will not open. Thought you may want to know. <3

    • Hey, Marybeth! Thanks for the note. They’re working for me … which ones aren’t working for you, or what kind of error message are you getting? Thanks so much for helping me out!

  2. Pre-ordered! So looking forward to learning from your journey. Praying for many future adventures just as enlightening as those in your rear view mirror.

    • Thank you, Tina. I’m excited about your book (and life!) journey too! Thanks for the prayers. Wish we could have another cup of coffee over breakfast!

  3. This is exciting news!!! I’ve loved reading your blog for quite a while, now, and am looking forward to the book!

  4. “But it’s a story that’s not just mine.”
    I just pre-ordered your book because I can think I so many who I’m sure your story will resonate with—as we are each learning to live in Christ alone!
    Once I read it, I’m pretty sure I will be ordering copies to share!

  5. Congratulations! How exciting! Your original post helped lift me up and out of a very dark spot three years ago. Looking forward to more of your writing.

  6. Hooray! How very exciting for you Grace! CMW On Jan 14, 2016 10:09 AM, “Grace for the road” wrote:

    > gracefortheroad posted: ” I feel like this year sneaked up on me. I wasn’t > ready. But it’s here. And I’m taking a deep breath and embracing it. And > this year, whether I’m ready or not, there’s a book coming out that tells > the story about how God became the biggest thi” >

  7. Grace,
    Words fail me in telling you how proud I am of the incredible Godly woman, you have become!!! Even when you were that adorable, curly haired little girl, I knew you were special! It has been my pleasure and privilege to pray for you all these years. Your picture on my refrigerator is a continuous reminder.
    I cannot wait for your book!!! You are such a gifted writer….still have the “Whatever” article you wrote years ago!😊 I know, this book will minister to us all!!!
    Thank you for all you do in His Name.
    Love you!!!
    Chalie Ray

    • Mrs. Chalie, you are so precious. Thank you … and hope we bump into each other again soon! I’d love to have a cup of coffee and catch up. :) Love you!

  8. I am so excited! I just pre-ordered 4 copies and will probably end up ordering many more. When I find a book that really touches me and speaks to the deep places of my soul, I usually give it to as many friends as possible. I know this book is going to be one of those! You have touched so many lives already, Grace! I can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do through your book as well! I can hardly wait until May 10th!!! God bless you abundantly, my sweet sister!

  9. I’m so excited for the many, many people who will know Him better through the story He’s writing in you. Love you, dear friend, and so proud of you! :)

  10. I’m delighted to read this announcement from you. You are an inspiration, a blessing. Thank you for staying true to the call, thank God for keeping you on the way.

    I see the blog theme/design has changed…but grace remains for the road.

    Thank you once again for sharing, for allowing us to be a part of your adventure with God. I look forward to reading the book.

  11. I’ve been hoping for this!! Pre-ordered, friend.

    PS: I don’t wait anymore was the post that led me here. So thankful I stuck around. :)

  12. Your writings have blessed me so much. I’m already so excited and can’t wait! Have already placed my order :)

  13. I stumbled upon your blog a couple of years ago and felt like I’d found a kindred pilgrim on this journey. I was so intrigued I’ve been following your writings ever since. I just placed my pre-order and am looking forward to reading your book!

  14. My best friend and I are certain that we are kindred spirits. Your words almost always mirror our own. I look forward to reading it and have already pre-ordered it on Amazon. Keep on following His adventures!

  15. Yeaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So what is happening with you now? You’re still in Alabama? We’ve been praying for you but obviously haven’t touched base. Love you friend. So thankful for you.

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