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It finally got cold in Alabama, and that drove everyone in the county through the doors of our coffeehouse yesterday morning. It drove me to put on sweatpants when I got off work. And it drove me to spend yesterday afternoon doing more adulting than I’m really capable of.

I tried to change the cord to a new dryer from a 4-prong to a 3-prong. YouTube said it was easy. Lowe’s said I could do it. A friend did theirs watching YouTube, and she said I could probably do it.

Y’all, I couldn’t do it. The dryer beat me.

I hooked it up just the way YouTube said, had a friend double check me, and when I plugged it in, it sounded like a dying cat was trapped inside.

So today … while I Google electricians … I’m going a little easier on the adulting. I’m sticking to what I know. I’m finishing up the last of Gilmore Girls season 7. I’m doing a little light reading. And I thought I would pass a few a la carte stories and other things your way …


There’s a story I love to tell about how my friend Maurie and I ended up taking a pit stop at the wrong place and the wrong time in the middle of the desert a couple of years ago … and Radical was nice enough to let me tell it on their site recently. Let’s just say there was some heavy artillery involved. You can read more here if you’d like.


If you’re single and doing missions or thinking about doing missions, do you ever feel like your life situation is a holding pattern, or even a consolation prize? It’s not … it’s really not. Read more here.


I got to talk recently with Iryna … and her story is one I can’t stop thinking about. Is it possible to be trafficked and then be brokenhearted for your trafficker? She says, with God, yes. It’s miraculous forgiveness … and amazing insight into what it would take to stop trafficking at the root.


In lieu of fixing the dryer, I made a Facebook page this weekend as a place to put all of the things (except dry laundry). It seemed easier and less likely to set anything on fire. If you’re a Facebook user, I’d love to bump into you over there.


And I’d love to bump into you in real life, too. I’m starting this week to organize a road trip for 2017, and I’d love to stop by your church and say hey. Drop me a line at the contact form on this page if that’s a possibility.

Happy weekend, y’all. See you soon.

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