He was in seat 1A when I got on the plane – the very first person I saw – and he was smiling at me.

I knew him. He knew me. Kind of.

We’d been sitting beside each other on our flight here a couple of days ago.

“How was your trip?”

“Good, you?”

“All work.”


“It was. Could’ve done with a little more sun, but you can’t have it all, right?”

Sometimes the world feels small, and it is. But in moments like this, the intensely detailed stroke that God’s giant paintbrush puts in our tiny little lives just makes me smile.

img_7535The day before I took that plane ride a couple of weeks ago, I got to speak to a group of girls at a college in California. It was great. (They had doughnuts that tasted like churros, and I felt like Elizabeth McCord from Madam Secretary – like for a minute there all I could see in the room was the doughnuts.)

We ate some, and we got to talking. And as we did, the words I heard spilling out of my heart were about how God’s attention to detail in our lives is so loving, so personal, so perfect … so divinely and intricately crafted to get us as close to Him as we can possibly get and for us to bring as many people as we can along with us.

It’s insane. And for a minute there, all I could see in the room was His insane love.

The seemingly mundane, the things that hurt, the choices we make that often seem like that don’t really matter all that much … God’s got all of it moving together in the giant story He’s penning, the one we get to be a part of.

Not just today.

Every single day.

A friend mentioned last night that she has to remind herself that sometimes big things happen in our lives, but a lot of the time the whole arc of God’s story is just the tiny piece that is our today stacking up to a billion other tiny pieces that God’s got moving in and around us. And like the guy in seat 1A, God’s smiling at us through every little piece that surprises us, that we don’t understand or that just seems normal until one day when we see the giant, beautiful whole.

Take heart, friends. He sees you. He loves you.

And today every stroke of the brush is on purpose.

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