‘I Don’t Wait Anymore’ study outlines available.

Hi, y’all! Happy end of May. :) As our small group heads into the summer, we’re starting to walk through “I Don’t Wait Anymore” alongside some Scripture passages that go hand in hand with the themes of the chapters. Your group may already have a plan for the summer, but should you want to do something similar, I’m making our study outlines available for download here.

We’ll be talking about singleness, broken dreams, trusting God with our life plans and freeing our hearts up to follow Him as the prize worth our whole lives. My prayer for myself and for you, whatever corner of the world you’re in … is at the end of today, we know Him better than we did this morning, and at the end of the summer, we find Him even sweeter than we do right now.

See you again soon, friends. More to come.

2 thoughts on “‘I Don’t Wait Anymore’ study outlines available.

  1. Oh sweet Grace you never know how right on Time your words and God’s Word in this has answered my why’s this week. After spending time at the beach this week and seeking God and my next step this has blessed me. Thank you sweet friend. Love you, Wanda Bergeron

    Sometimes the hurt is real but God is Bigger!

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