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A long time coming.

This space has been quiet for a while.

Since I was last here, I turned 40. (And then 41.) I bought a little house. It’s weird to have a tiny strip of land with my name on it, windows that stream in light, a yard I have to watch for weeds every couple of days or so.

I feel like I’ve had different things to weed out of my mind and heart this past year or two, or three … or five … different than the things I wrote about 8 or 10 or 12 years ago. I’m still the same Grace. He’s still the same God. And everything I believed then is still just as true.

But it resonates differently in this season. It would take a book-length blog post to unpack all the thoughts. Just like with moving overseas and back … and overseas and back … this season has taught me new things about trust. About God’s faithfulness. About the bedrock of His Word.

Things are good … but I haven’t really felt like I had thoughts that weighed enough to be said and heard. Maybe that was just God working quietly in me during this time of settling, and I felt like keeping that tucked away, sharing it with just my immediate community. Maybe it was just a shift in seasons. But either way … here we are.

So I’ve been a terrible blogger, and even worse at social media, if that’s possible. And pretty bad at email too. (If you’re one of the friends whose email is sitting in my inbox right now, I’m so sorry. You’ll be hearing from me soon.)

But I decided a few weeks ago … that was never what this blog was for, not for the most part anyway … to say things I thought needed to be said and heard. If they were heard and they helped, then God gets all the glory for that. I started it to have a place to process things God was showing me, things I was learning from His Word. A place to share stories of what He’s doing in the lives of people all over the world. And I’ve decided … that’s what it’s going back to.

So if you’re still here, hi. :) I’d love to hear how this crazy weird past couple of years has been for you. You’re welcome to stay if you want to … but no pressure. I may blog some. I’ll probably also use this space to connect you with the stories of some incredible people I’ve had the privilege of sharing on my Stories podcast, like the three missionary widows from Season 5. And God willing, one day I might write another book. We’ll see.

I’m just thankful that while we grow and change and seasons shift, He always remains the same.

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