A long time coming.

This space has been quiet for a while. Since I was last here, I turned 40. (And then 41.) I bought a little house. It’s weird to have a tiny strip of land with my name on it, windows that stream in light, a yard I have to watch for weeds every couple of days […]


The box still had half a large pizza in it, and it made kind of a dense, rattly thud when my friend slammed it on the hood of a sedan in the middle of the road. She was done. We were living on the other side of the world in a country where our white […]

The land of the lost men.

A friend told me recently that as women came to faith in one part of Southeast Asia, they were told there might be persecution. They were also told that one thing they might face as a part of their new faith is that there weren’t many men who were believers yet, so they might be […]

‘I Don’t Wait Anymore’ study outlines available.

Hi, y’all! Happy end of May. :) As our small group heads into the summer, we’re starting to walk through “I Don’t Wait Anymore” alongside some Scripture passages that go hand in hand with the themes of the chapters. Your group may already have a plan for the summer, but should you want to do […]