I look back on that day, and I think there’s only one thing she could’ve thought. Lunatic. There I was, fingers buried up to the knuckles in my little bedroom’s fairly industrial carpet, tears forming a river formidable enough to make Justin Timberlake proud. Meredith was standing in the hall, and her eyes were huge. She was unpacking her suitcases. She was new to England. I wondered if she was taking in… Read More

The power popped, and the air was warm, and 14 of us piled into the thick dark of my parents’ windowless bedroom. We tried to keep the toddlers away from the one lit candle. We tried to keep our 16-year-old eastern European (and non-English speaking) guest from thinking the world was ending. We didn’t know that my dad and some of the other men, watching the roaring blackness out the window, had… Read More

“I’m so happy to meet your new husband,” she said to a friend before jabbing me jokingly with an elbow as I passed. “Now you just need to find Grace one.” She patted my arm. “I heard what you said about Lottie Moon earlier. But I still think we can find you one.” I’ll go ahead and tell you that singleness is not my favorite topic. Not that it’s a bad topic… Read More

I laughed yesterday morning before I ever climbed out of the sheets. I woke up 33 yesterday. In a bunk bed. In a room full of stuffed animals and children’s books. This on a birthday where I feel like, for the first time in adulthood, I finally feel my age. Where I look in the mirror and see a mid-30s woman, not a “you still look like you’re 25” girl. Heather met… Read More