All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me … go therefore and make disciples … “A lot of people memorize this passage, but are we doing it? Is it happening?” I’m not gonna lie, this girl misses England. But I’m so excited to be in Birmingham at the right time to be a part of what’s happening at The Church at Brook Hills tonight … thousands of people… Read More

Something felt amiss when I woke up this morning. The bed was crackling too much, for one thing. It took me a minute to realize that’s because the dark orange sheets I’ve been sleeping on for two years were hanging from the bannisters instead of being where they should be. My face was pressed against the mattress cover, but it might as well have been pressed against the floor. I could hear… Read More

As my time in England is finishing up, I’ve been thinking back over some of the biggest milestones and things I’ve learned whilst here … and here are a few, with links included … Looking for blood. One of the strangest days of my life. I ate chocolate and, after I’d watched the first time, tried to avert my eyes. I really just wanted to yell at them to run away. When… Read More

I like listening in on the conversations of wise people … and a lot of them are blessing my comment threads right now. There’s some discussion going on about what it means to “wait,” with a lot of people saying insightful stuff in a better way than I ever could dream of saying it. (Check out the comments here if you’ve missed them.) I’ve been so encouraged. But it’s brought up another… Read More