As the big plane backed away from the gate, I sank down into the seat, allowing myself to decompress. I looked out the window, tracing the city with my eyes. That out there. That’s a hard place. I’ve gotten to visit a few countries recently that I’d call hard. All of them have amazing food. All of them have massive quantities of sand and camels. All of them need Jesus in a… Read More

I wonder what it looks like when two sets of vampire teeth go through the x-ray machine at the airport. I should’ve asked. The guy saw them several times. I was lulled into a peaceful state in the short security line. The first security guy told me, “Now ‘at’s a good girl!” when I already had my liquids in a separate baggie. He didn’t even make me take my shoes off. And… Read More

I know that I like marshmellows in my hot chocolate. I don’t know if I’m married or not. Jet lag is weird. I was standing there at the counter of a wireless internet store with two new friends only a few hours after stepping onto UK soil. Do you want the pay-as-you-go plan? Yes. Do you have a wireless stick already? No. Are you a “Miss” or a “Mrs.”? Awkward silence. Long…. Read More

It’s amazing what can happen when you cut the silence. Right now, I am sitting on an eerily quiet plane with hundreds of people contorted into economy seats just hoping for a few hours of sleep. I’m hoping, too. To prove it, I’m wearing my first-ever eye mask, courtesy of British Airways. It’s giving me a happy little black hole to attempt to sleep in, covering up the Russell Crowe flick that’s… Read More