All of 2010 has been all rolled up with change. A slow, methodical kind of change – the kind that’s let gratitude run deep, packing go slowly, goodbyes happen gradually and junk be shipped off to Goodwill one small box at a time. For the most part I’ve cherished its pace, letting the benchmarks come but having ample time to take a good, long look at things that passed as they became… Read More

It was dark in the tiny apartment living room, except for the florescent desk lamp, cocked upward to face the room’s occupants like an interrogator’s light looking for answers. If it was seeking out the truth, it found it. The room was full of it. It was full, period. Leaving their shoes in a neat heap at the door, barefooted people packed in the place, sitting reverently on mismatched furniture provided by… Read More

Yasin’s only 9, but he’s been around long enough to know. Long enough to know he shouldn’t be looking at the pictures of naked women that someone at his school keeps texting him. Long enough to know that Jesus is important. “If I were a superhero, I’d be Victory Man – like ‘victory in Jesus.’” Long enough to know that if the church people show up to do a Kids Club at… Read More