(Traveling has been a good time to reflect on what God’s been teaching over the past couple of years. Here’s one such word.) I lay there in a tangle of sheets, emotions tangling around my heart. I could’ve never seen that coming. Why? Why that? Why something so painful? Why something so close to my heart? I shoved my swollen eyes back into the pillow. Out the boat’s bedroom window, the land… Read More

The sand crunched cold against the back of my hand as I lay there in the dark, arms crossed behind my head. My knuckles worked their way into the soft silt soundlessly, my weight making the slightest dent in the massive desert dunes. Slight. Tiny. Tiny like a grain of sand. I feel so small right now. In this huge ocean of desert, all I’d have to do is move and a… Read More

The laundry hangs dead still on the line just outside the window screen. It’s a good thing that a breeze isn’t the mark of success here. The air sits heavy, dry and hot like it would in a confection oven, and though there’s no wind, moisture evaporates so fast you can almost hear it leaving. Southeast Asia’s evenings are a natural tumble dryer. And I curl up in a chair, right in… Read More

Sorry for the silence, friends. It’s been a long stretch of quiet in the midst of chaos, the kind where incredibly deep things are happening in the stillness of my heart while the world goes on around me. I’ve made decisions, dragged suitcases around again, said goodbyes. And I’ve seen God be who He is. Faithful. Good. And I’ve been quiet. I’ve missed blogging. But it’s been hard to articulate the things… Read More