Grace for the road


I stood there, the sea of grass rippling against my ankles, chest heaving like I was trying to suck in the entire chilled sky all at once. I’d sprinted. I’m not a sprinter. But sometimes that’s the only way to get to a place where you can yell. “Why is this so hard sometimes?” “Why don’t I feel You?” The questions flew out over the pasture without anything to bounce off of… Read More

The breeze ambled down the dusty street, breathing cool in our faces. It felt like the pockets of cool mountain air that used to pop my face in Birmingham when we’d go cycling in the summer, the days it felt like we’d passed through a hot Southern kitchen with the freezer left open. I never expected that in the desert. Even at dusk. I love this time of day here. The city’s… Read More

My heart pounded as I lay there in the dark. Two donkeys conversed outside. A rooster crowed. The call to prayer from the local mosque blared across the African desert. And the sand didn’t soak up nearly as much of the sound as I thought it should. “God, I know Your truth,” I whispered. “But I need Your truth to be loud right now.” I trembled under the thin sheet, the remnants… Read More

The rain splattered hard against the window. Just didn’t seem right for the desert. I rolled the legs of my soaked jeans down and noticed the damp marks my feet were leaving on the tile floor. My friend laughed at me and clicked her tongue, the cultural sign of disapproval here. Kind of like a “girl, what were you thinking?” It hadn’t rained since I arrived, and they’re just as unequipped for… Read More