Grace for the road


I look back on that day, and I think there’s only one thing she could’ve thought. Lunatic. There I was, fingers buried up to the knuckles in my little bedroom’s fairly industrial carpet, tears forming a river formidable enough to make Justin Timberlake proud. Meredith was standing in the hall, and her eyes were huge. She was unpacking her suitcases. She was new to England. I wondered if she was taking in… Read More

“I’m so happy to meet your new husband,” she said to a friend before jabbing me jokingly with an elbow as I passed. “Now you just need to find Grace one.” She patted my arm. “I heard what you said about Lottie Moon earlier. But I still think we can find you one.” I’ll go ahead and tell you that singleness is not my favorite topic. Not that it’s a bad topic… Read More

“I think God’s people are at their strongest when they are broken, because God can use them to do incredible things when they say, ‘All I can do is rely on God.’” – Mark Stuart When I woke up that day, I didn’t think, “Today will be the day a stranger squeezes my bicep in the parking lot.” But it happened. It was awkward, and I don’t think he was impressed. “Know… Read More

Plastic wrappers and other pieces of litter rustled like tumbleweed across the empty space under the bridge yesterday afternoon. Two hours later, enough chairs were set up to seat several hundred of Nashville’s homeless, enough chicken and baked beans cooked to feed them all. And a few minutes later, while some were still finishing up their rainbow cake dessert, a cloth was rolled down the aisle and my friend Amanda walked through… Read More