Grace for the road


“Right. So let me get this straight. There are actual people called Bubba. And that’s their name.” “Yep.” “And I can meet one?” “Shouldn’t be a problem. They’re everywhere. Even my grandmother’s name was Bubba.” The conversation was loud as it rolled around in my head the Saturday of Easter weekend, bumping up against conversations about rodeos. Corn dogs. Alabama’s beaches. And thoughts about a plane from London Heathrow that landed in… Read More

My friend Clare had a vision she was going to die young. Three weeks ago, she went suddenly to be with Jesus. It was time to face it. I was standing on the High Street of my former hometown in England, breath freezing in the afternoon sun. I pushed the door and went in. They’ve turned my Starbucks into a Paperchase. I do not approve. But I’m finding it hard to be… Read More