It’s too big.

Some days I actually feel like my heart might explode. He LOVES us. LOVES. us. It’s like I can’t sing loud enough, stick my hands in the air high enough, say it well enough. It makes me slam my palms into the ceiling of the car. It makes me nearly crush that teeny tiny communion […]


“I think God’s people are at their strongest when they are broken, because God can use them to do incredible things when they say, ‘All I can do is rely on God.’” – Mark Stuart When I woke up that day, I didn’t think, “Today will be the day a stranger squeezes my bicep in […]

A wedding under a bridge.

Plastic wrappers and other pieces of litter rustled like tumbleweed across the empty space under the bridge yesterday afternoon. Two hours later, enough chairs were set up to seat several hundred of Nashville’s homeless, enough chicken and baked beans cooked to feed them all. And a few minutes later, while some were still finishing up […]

Grief redeemed.

“Right. So let me get this straight. There are actual people called Bubba. And that’s their name.” “Yep.” “And I can meet one?” “Shouldn’t be a problem. They’re everywhere. Even my grandmother’s name was Bubba.” The conversation was loud as it rolled around in my head the Saturday of Easter weekend, bumping up against conversations […]