Grace for the road


My friend Clare had a vision she was going to die young. Three weeks ago, she went suddenly to be with Jesus. It was time to face it. I was standing on the High Street of my former hometown in England, breath freezing in the afternoon sun. I pushed the door and went in. They’ve turned my Starbucks into a Paperchase. I do not approve. But I’m finding it hard to be… Read More

“You’re in good company if you’ve struggled with that.” I lay in the Papasan chair on the screened back porch. The breeze blew and stirred up the leaves on the ground outside. Seventy degrees in December. I’m not in England anymore. I looked up at the stark blue sky. I used to watch planes crisscross the cloudy sky outside my window every minute or two when I lived on the Gatwick Airport… Read More

Something felt amiss when I woke up this morning. The bed was crackling too much, for one thing. It took me a minute to realize that’s because the dark orange sheets I’ve been sleeping on for two years were hanging from the bannisters instead of being where they should be. My face was pressed against the mattress cover, but it might as well have been pressed against the floor. I could hear… Read More

I like listening in on the conversations of wise people … and a lot of them are blessing my comment threads right now. There’s some discussion going on about what it means to “wait,” with a lot of people saying insightful stuff in a better way than I ever could dream of saying it. (Check out the comments here if you’ve missed them.) I’ve been so encouraged. But it’s brought up another… Read More