The church you hardly see.

If you look at Cuba from the outside, you can hardly see the church.

David Platt went looking for it.

“I met a guy who had a house church, and that church had planted 60 other churches,” he said. And some of those churches had planted dozens of other churches themselves.

They don’t have buildings. They meet in houses. And the multiplication is insane.

David asked them how they do it, and they said simply, “We make disciples.”

“Oh,” he said with a smile. “That’s all.”

The more we complicate the system with programs and buildings, “the more we stifle church multiplication,” David said. “The Word of God and the Spirit of God – that’s all you need.”

This is the story in Cuba. It’s the story in China. It’s the story in India.

“Don’t we want it to be the story where we live?” David said.

It isn’t for pastors or church planters, he says. It’s for every follower of Christ. It’s biblical Christianity.

Let’s be real – it’s not easy. How do we take our jobs as writers, teachers, sandwich makers, accountants, moms and lawyers and make disciples where we are?

Look for the people beside you, David says. Share Christ with them. Let them into your life and see how you live. Pray and show them how you pray. Read the Bible and invite them to do it with you.

And don’t extract them from their old circles of people.

“Teach them to live the way you live among the people they know, and it will multiply,” David says. “We can shake the nations for his glory. Let’s do it knowing that it is costly but He is worth it.”


Want some practical help to make disciples among the people in your life?

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I know that feeling, the one Francis Chan is talking about. The one where you hear the truth just as Jesus spoke it to the rich young ruler and go away sad, heart rent in two.

And then do nothing.

“Jesus told the rich young ruler what he needed to do, and he went away sad (Luke 18). Then Jesus confronted Zacchaeus, another guy who was rich, and he changed his life (Luke 19).”

One was convicted. The other changed, Francis says. And the same two options exist when it comes to another command of Christ’s …

“Go therefore, and make disciples of all nations.”

“I know it’s hard,” Francis says. “I get that. I don’t like to offend people. I don’t like to share my faith. But God Almighty, God my Creator said go make disciples, so I don’t want to sit here and make excuses.”

We know what conviction feels like.

Ripped apart. Lunches after church where we talk about the beating we’ve just taken, or how convicted we felt after the sermon. And then nothing happened. And by that, I mean we did nothing.

Imagine meeting Christ face to face and answering His last command by not being able to produce a single disciple we’ve made.

“To know that command came from the mouth of Christ, and we can’t point to any disciples … I don’t think we realize how huge it is,” Francis says.

Sometimes we mean well.

We just twist that command to fit what we have gotten used to thinking it looks like, how soft we think the pew should feel and how long we want to sit on it. And that’s not OK.

It’s not for us.

“Jesus didn’t look at His disciples and say, ‘Alright, guys, now pair up and disciple each other.'” David Platt says. “The point of our Christian life is not to coast it out in one church for the rest of our life.”

Matthew 28:19 is not a comfortable call to come be baptized and sit in one place.

“It’s a costly command to go.”

What would happen if we did?

“We are on a mission that is guaranteed to succeed,” David says. “I can sit at lunch with a guy in Birmingham and share the gospel compassionately and confidently and know that it has the power to save him.”

And that lunch, that conversation, that mission … it can shake the nations for His glory.

Sometimes we think if Francis Chan or David Platt could have a conversation with the people we know, they’d come to Christ.

“But God put them beside you, in your life – and He knows what He’s doing,” David said.

You have a better chance of reaching the guy who works beside you at Subway than the guy on the corner with a sign or the preacher in the pulpit does, Francis said.


Want some practical help to make disciples among the people in your life?

The Multiply material is now available on the Multiply website at It’s downloadable in pdf format.

Get in on the Gathering.

All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me … go therefore and make disciples …

“A lot of people memorize this passage, but are we doing it? Is it happening?”

I’m not gonna lie, this girl misses England. But I’m so excited to be in Birmingham at the right time to be a part of what’s happening at The Church at Brook Hills tonight … thousands of people gathering at the church and via webcast to figure out how to do this together. Francis Chan will be there. David Platt will be there.

It’s going to be straightforward, practical and real. And I need it.

I’ll be blogging here from the Multiply gathering tonight at 7 CST. Want to watch it, too? You can at